Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The aforementioned trip to the mall with Jessica(and Jeremy) was more productive than I would have thought. I think I'm lined up to get a job at Tilt now. We know probably half of the staff, including the guy who's apparently the manager now. I had no idea he was. Anyways, yesterday I asked him for a phone book, because Jessica won a GBA SP and wanted to know how much cash you could get for them at Game Exchange. As I was following him to get it, he suddenly goes "Hey, do you need a job?" "Actually, yeah, I do." "This guy annoys me, and he's getting ready to get fired, so I'm going to need some new workers soon." "I filled out an application a while ago, but Donny said you guys weren't hiring for a while." "Donny's already been fired, he wasn't too big on the working...though he could tell you about anything you wanted to know about Tool." anyways, blah blah blah (getting bored of typing) he asked my last and first name, and then asked if I wanted to work mornings or nights. And so I think I'll have a job relatively soon.


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