Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I found a great description that fits me, in a column from the latest AMP magazine. The person writing would have ended up a hippy, but they were "too young and too cynical and angry and alienated to be very convincing." That'll be my response next time someone calls me a hippy....


Blogger kymberli1820 said...

OH MY GOD!!!! YOU ARE THE FIRST PERSON WHO I HAVE EVER MET THAT LIKES FLOGGIN MOLLY!!! OH MY GOD that is so bad ass. i saw them at warped tour and they are so one of my fav bands. I love your blog. By the way what is wrong with being a hippy?? im not going to lie i am totally a hippy, i feel like i am stuck in the late 60's early 70's! Go you! you are an inspiration! Thanks i will be back!

4:30 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

LOL...I didn't mean that I have anything against hippies, but I've been called a hippy and I don't really think I fit the criteria, mostly because of what I said in the entry ;)

Wow, the only one? You must be surrounded by people music taste. :P I went to Warped Tour and LOVED IT! Though they didn't come to the place we went *grumbles* But I did get to see Tsunami Bomb, among others...

Thanks for the compliments on my writing, I love to get feedback :) I'll go visit your blog now!

5:08 PM

Blogger kymberli1820 said...

Yeah, i guess you could say i am surrounded by a bunch of honky cowboys in a small town!

3:36 PM


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