Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I find it really, really amusing sometimes, because there are people who already think I'm too sarcastic/snotty/whatever. See, I have this sarcastic diatribe going on near-constantly in my head when talking to people(or sometimes when I'm just around them). I only say maybe 25%, or *maybe* 50% if I'm in a reaaaally bad mood, of what the diatribe suggests(is? bad phrasing). But I'm still too sarcastic. Heeh.

Example; yesterday in art, I'm sitting in my usual spot(which, I haven't quite figured out why I do sit there, esp. after this...) and unnamed persons are speaking. As people are wont to do when together. ANYhow, Kia and Genaro(for people who do not know them, Kia is Hmong and Genaro is Mexican, both are really nice people, and they've been going out for a while) were messing around - nothing more than I've seen this unnamed person do, that's for sure, just tickling/hitting type stuff. The little snot goes "OmiGAWD, those two chinks are ga-rossing me OUT!!!". Person sitting next to her says "Well, technically, that one's a wetback." Then they proceeded to whine and moan about how it's so horrible that the white people are being overrun.

I'm biting my tongue this entire time, trying not to say what I desperately want to, like "Well, #1, those two "chinks" are nicer people than you could ever HOPE to be, and #2, you don't hear the Native Americans complaining about how they're overrun by white people, WE weren't here in the first place, and even aside from that, there's no way we're being 'overrun'. Oh, diversity, the horror! However shall we deal!!".

But hey, that's not even the most astound part. As far as stupidity goes, anyways, I think the first part beats out the second when it comes to sheer bigotry. Later they were talking about how when you're stranded on a raft at sea you're supposed to drink your own urine rather than the seawater, and she said "Ewww, I would totally drink the seawater." Other girl: "It's supposed to do more harm than good, though, because it makes you thirsty." "Like I care - helloooo, there's an entire SEA out there! I can drink as much as I want!!!"

I looked up and said "Uh, drinking seawater while you were stranded at sea would kill you."

Which I immediately regretted, 'cause she would've done the world a favor if she'd ever been out at sea and actually tried drinking it. But it'd be better than saying what I was really thinking, which was something along the lines of "Yes, please, drink all the seawater you want, and save me from wanting to whack you upside the head hard enough to shake whatever the heck you've got in there because I know it's sure as hell not a brain or anything resembling one."


I feel bad when my friends get into nasty situations(usually involving guys), because the only thing I can ever do is offer hugs, and think "Stupid jerk, I'd like to kick his face in" or something akin to that. Which is never really much help.

I hate glasses. I really really do.

The job search is going decently so far. Applied at Journeys, Sam Goody, and Mr. Bulky's yesterday. Going to set up an interview at Mr. Bulky's tomorrow. Also printed out a Carbon Star application which I'll be turning in tomorrow. Someplace has to turn up.


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Good luck with the job thing i totally know how that is!

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