Tuesday, December 20, 2005

YAY. I am so glad that today was the last day of school until Jan 3. I'm so fed up with school and if I had to go to another day it wouldn't have been good.

I'm fed up with being treated like crap by people, and just grinning and bearing it instead of saying or doing something. I'm sick of having so many "friends" and not being able to trust any of them, or them being rude to me, or whatever. I'm tired of being the scapegoat for every group since I'm the odd one out in all of them. I'm especially sick of superiority complexes a mile high. Hey, guess what, just because we're from one town and you're from another - that doesn't give you the right to treat us all like crap, or like we're stupid, based merely on a geographical location. Get the hell over it and stop being such an insufferable snob.

New Year's Resolutions, a work in progress(my goal is to have at least ten reasonable ones before the actual day...)

1. Stop repressing emotions because it's obviously unhealthy, tell people they're being assholes when they're being assholes
2. Shop at WalMart less(or not at all)

so yeah...eight more to go. Whoooo.

In the rant vein...when did people stop having respect for other peoples' property? Sheesh people. I was working on scratchboard stuff yesterday, and somebody threw a penny as hard as they could(probably playing some stupid game), nearly hitting me, and leaving a serious dent in my art project. It isn't too noticeable unless you're looking close, but still. And then I left my purse on my desk today and was halfway at the other end of the room, and at least three people started messing with the keychain on my purse. Here's a word to the wise: unless you want me to pick your wallet out of your pocket and start going through it, leave my purse ALONE. Thanks.


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