Sunday, December 25, 2005

Wooo hooo. Nice Christmas. I got just about everything I wanted(details in a moment, I'm sure you're all waiting on bated breath). And there was no bad drama at any of the family gatherings. After we got home from my grandparents on my dad's side, Jessica called, and I went to see The Ringer with Brian and her. Very funny. I was surprised, I thought it was going to be one big long retard joke, but it was actually good, and it was much more respectful towards the Special Olympics and co. than I would've thought.

Anyways, the booty(as in pirates', you sick-minded perverts) list:

-two Clash DVDs(wheeeee!)
-bellydance dvd
-The Empire Strikes First (Bad Religion)
-Give 'Em Enough Rope (The Clash)
-Pump Up the Valuum (NOFX)
-Kohl's giftcard
-Bath set
-CD/vinyl/radio/tape player (as aforementioned...yay for my mom :D )
-pretty oil bottle
-Angel tv series soundtrack
-two books(actually, a helluva lot more from all my buddies)
-and...bum bum bum, last but not least, a nice lil digi camera. Small/light enough to take quick fun photos, but nice enough to take artsy or photography type stuff if I want to.

Neato. And fun. Happy whatever(oh NO, I didn't say Christmas, quick, another casualty in the "war on Christmas" blah blah blah), everybody!


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