Sunday, November 27, 2005

Da da da.

Kinda boring weekend, but nice boring. Lots of trips with friends.

Bleh. A certain someone(whose name starts with S and ends with pencer and description fits ex) called earlier and demanded to know why I was avoiding him. Which I'm not. I ended up yelling at him telling him he's acting immature and stupid, and that it's none of his business where I'm at(he was asking where I was at the supposed night of avoidance...) and etc.

And then he called back about 30 minutes ago and apologized. And my response was pretty much "Okay, that's nice, but I'm watching my favorite show on tv so I'll be going now".

Maybe I'm not such a good person. But really....whether it's horrible or not...I don't particularly care if I hurt his feelings. He shouldn't have pulled all that crap in the first place. Wah wah wah, everyone's life sucks, get OVER it. Drinking's sure as hell not going to help anything (depressant? heeeelloooo?).

In other news...

I wonder why I'm such an angry person. I get frustrated(or raging angry) before sad. It's weird.

It seems like all of a sudden(though it was probably more gradual, but people don't notice gradual things 'til they're already gone), I don't have any really close friends any more. I have one or two close friends, and then the rest are all just...friends. I don't have anybody I can tell absolutely everything to any more. It's kinda lonely, and I have no idea how it happened. And it's not like I can hope I meet new, like-minded people or anything. Meanwhile, I keep feeling the need to talk to someone about various things and there's noone there. Which is frustrating (see above note about not sad).

I spent five-plus hours making a purse entirely out of duct-tape and cardboard only to decide I don't like it. And it's not even finished yet(will post picture when it is). But Jessica liked it so much she'll give me moolah for it. So it's all good.


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