Friday, December 30, 2005

Ouch. I do not like wire fences. The one around our puppy pen keeps scratching me. It's almost as bad as my ceiling.

Lock-in at the Bridge tonight. Which should hopefully be fun(if nothing else because it costs money). And I'll get my Streetlight Manifesto hoodie. Spencer apparently ordered it(the band is a on a label that sponsors him, so he didn't have to pay for it, FYI) while we were dating and got it afterwards. Too small for him and none of his friends like the band. So he offered it to me. I'm giving him five bucks for it, though, so he can't hold it over my head. 'Cause I'm a little wary of the whole thing. I kinda get the impression he's trying to impress me and make me want to date him again or something. Which is never, never going to happen.

Wow. People never cease to amaze me. I'm browsing through the user reviews for "Good Night, and Good Luck", and came across this one. By "communist sympathizers", I hope he means actual communist spies(although I doubt it)...', you can't arrest someone for sympathizing with a cause. Or ruin their life based on it. Or at least, you shouldn't be able to. But I guess doing so is patriotic. Woo hoo.

To hit on something I said earlier, we're about 3/4ths of the way through the Firefly dvds we have, and they're definitely worth watching. For those who don't know, Firefly was a cable tv series, by the producer of Buffy and Angel(Joss Whedon), which got cancelled, and Serenity is kind of the movie version of it. Either way, they're both really good.


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