Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bored bored bored.

I think too much. This is not good for my mental health, and often leads to me making smartass remarks which could be bad for my physical health. Although it's not like anybody's going to beat up someone my size anyways, smartass remarks or no.

Anyways, I think my New Year's resolution is working at least somewhat. I find myself biting my tongue less, and this makes me happier/less stressed, even if other people are more likely to think I'm a bitch. Not like it bothers me.

Yesterday was not a happy day. Everyone was on edge and all rawr.

There's a game tonight w/McCauley...to my mother's(and sister's) horror I'll probably be sitting on their side because I have a few friends from McCauley, one who'll be playing and one who's just going to the game. Yay for having less than no school spirit.


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