Saturday, January 07, 2006

My shoes better break in fast. 'Cause as is, the canvas(they're canvas hi-tops) is rubbing against the outside of my ankle in a funny way that's leaving welts. Actual welts. And ow. And I don't have any higher socks.

Though Casey said...haha...*makes note to remind Casey once he has $12*

Lydia and I went thrift store shopping today. It was fun. I got three plain shirts(one a verrry comfy slightly oversized hoodieshirt) to paint on, a plain pair of canvas grandma-shoes to mess with(for TWO DOLLARS! before and after pics will probably be posted), a plain plaid skirt to mess with and then sell on ebay, and then...dun dun dun...the best one: a reversible pink plaid skirt(with fishnet on the inside) that was brand new and is ohsocomfy. And reversible! As I mentioned. For $7. I lurve thrift stores, oh yes I do.

Then we went to Lydia's house, where we had burritoes. I proceeded to help her with her blog for LA-IV, which now has a counter in Chinese, of all the wondrous things. ( check it out ) We mused about the prettiness of...errr...this guy from the Who whose initials are R.D. I forgot his name. We didn't end up going to fencing, so we'll probably be doing that either tomorrow or next weekend.

I got home and about 20 minutes later Jessica and Stacia wanted to do something. I said okay. We just went to random places and drove around. And yickiness ensued. I think I'm allergic to people. I really do. Then there was a mini-crisis with Stacia's car. She just has bad luck with those things.

Tomorrow will probably be spent mostly at home creating new things. Unless I go to fencing. I dunno.


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