Monday, January 09, 2006

I finished that duct-tape bag that's been lying around without a strap since way before xmas break...


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Bag in action(and yeah, I look bad, but way too lazy to take another picture)

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I'm not sure if I want it now. Which is kind of annoying. Maybe I'll put it up on ebay.

His Gregariousness called on Saturday. In an Eeyore mood. While I was shopping with Lydia. Conversation went something like...

"Hey"(in mumbly tone all dragged out, I think "oh CRAP there's no way this'll turn out happy")
"Oh, hi"
"What're you doing?" (mumbly tone continued)
"Shopping with Lydia..."
"Oo-h. Do you want me to go?" (tone continued...)
"Yup, 'cause I'm busy"
"Okay, bye" *click*

Haven't spoken since. Kinda nice.

I really really really hope it snows enough to get us out of school. I've noticed; vacations are not good for my work ethic. I get back to school and I'm just not motivated, bored, don't want to be there, and can't stop thinking of things I'd rather be doing instead. And keep wanting to find excuses to go home. It's going to take another two weeks before I get used to things again, I think.


Anonymous casey said...

little bum! i know what you mean... but i've felt that way since summer break ended :P

4:20 PM

Anonymous casey said...

post MK II

here are two idea for stencils... like you were talking about... maybe(?)

Idea 1
Idea 2

either way... there ya go.

7:11 PM

Anonymous .alicia. said...

...and anytime you get bored, you can always empty the contents and start a riveting round of checkers...

6:27 AM

Blogger fatwonkkid said...

a friend of mine has like a 4 year old duct-tape wallet. The good thing about it, is if it rips, you can fix it with duct-tape, and people won't be the wiser

4:58 PM


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