Friday, January 13, 2006

Today's Friday the 13th.

*cue scary music*

Not really. 'Cause yeah.

Zach's a turd. Using his stealth ninja skills to disconnect my computer.

The Ultimate Showdown thing Alicia linked to is highly amusing. And now I have the song stuck in my head again.

I'm not doing anything tonight, but this should be a not bad weekend. Going shopping(not really...just hanging out, all I need is freezer paper for stencils and more black fabric paint...also to pick up How to Clean Everything), and then going to see Pride and Prejudice with Stacia. Then going home, and going to fencing the next day with Lydia. Woo-hoo. Hopefully that certain person won't be there. Along the same vein, I really hope no more calls from Spencer take place. I don't have the patience and if I get another "woe is me" spiel I might go off at him.

Oh, and everyone should check this out. 'Cause it's freaking hilarious(I laughed for probably 20 minutes the first time I saw it). And it's Friday the 13th. I think that's a correct link, I'll change it when I get home if it's not.


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