Friday, January 06, 2006

10 random songs for the day will be scattered throughout the blog entry, which might be annoying, but hey, it's fun. Right?

(or I'm just really really bored)

Set Me Free - Pennywise (good song, but I like Victim of Reality better...hmm...)

I have concluded I really really don't like school. It's just not fun. And, yeah, just...not really any good qualities. (So Much the Same - of those bands I forget is on my playlist 'til it comes up...but good song nonetheless, fast punk, whoo *makes note to look up cds again)

The classes are boring, there's all of 15 people I would willingly hang out with, and just...I have no motivation. I want to stay home and do my own thing, rather than waste my time there. I'd learn as much. (Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult - whoo hoo this is the song I listened to multiple times to annoy that stupid hick I worked song anyways) Maybe it's because I'm sick. Or maybe I'm just having one of my antisocial swings. I dunno.

I'm actually pretty ticked about the virus. I usually get sick once or twice in a winter, almost always before winter break. Year before last I was sick for like two weeks straight with a nasty nasty virus, but I didn't get sick hardly at all the rest of the time. And here I was thinking I'd got out free. But nope.

I think I'm going fleamarketing tomorrow morning with Lydia and Alicia. Getting x-acto knives and whatever else I can find dirt cheap that I can cut up/remake/etc. That's becoming an increasingly used outlet for me. It's weird, but it makes me feel better to take something that was ugly, or that I never wore, and turn it into something that I can wear and think "haha, I made it". Also it's a lot cheaper.

Cat Killer City - Broken Bottles(I had no idea this song was even on my playlist, again. unfortunately it's not as good as the other forgotten track. kinda nasally vocals. a little repetitive. )

Nothing At All - Unsung Zeros (BLECH nasty emo. I skipped it. no idea why it's even on my computer.)

Pat Robertson is a twit. A really really big twit. He's one of those people I just want to hit. His following disturbs me as well. (Kill the Night - Hot Water Music...good song...and bonus points for being off Rock Against Bush 2)

I'm Shipping Off to Boston - Dropkick Murphys...freaking awesome...though I like Flogging Molly better

We've had Mrs. Martin as a sub two days in a row for LA III. I think she must be related to Mrs. Fidler. Both annoy me. A lot.

I Scare Myself - Glow (I love AMP magazine, otherwise I'd never find off-the-wall bands like this. funky...stuff...not really too sure what it is...but it's good)

No calls from that-one-gregarious-guy for somewhere around 3 days now. If I wasn't appreciating the lack of having to talk so much, I might almost be worried. But I'm not.

NOFX - And Now For Something Completely Similar (it's NOFX. it rocks by default. )

30 second sample from the Clampdown, which is a local band from Fayetteville, that I need to look into more, 'cause what I've heard is good, and also their name is a reference to my favorite Clash song(and possibly favorite song period).

1979 - the God Awfuls (good fast pissed off music. makes me warm and fuzzy. )

Woah. And out of 1191 other songs, it went to Tonight from the same band. Small odds. Also a good song. Not my favorite off the album, but what can ya do?

Speaking of things in the music area, I'm hopefully going to a concert at the Rockwell tomorrow. Which is in Springfield. Whooo. If Jessica doesn't have to work.

Rise Up - Pressure Point. I have a lot of songs on here I'd forgotten. It's from another comp though, which is where most of the other forgotten songs are from. Give 'Em the Boot 4 to be specific. Nice song anyways. I like it. Actually, after listening to the whole thing, I really like it.

And the last song is the earlier mentioned song by the Clash, the Clampdown. Nice way to end it.
Ouch. My contacts went all screwy and now I'm wearing these godforsaken glasses. How I hate them.


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