Monday, January 23, 2006

Today was a Monday, as most have you may have noticed.

I have concluded that as a general rule, Mondays suck. Or at the very least, they suck more than the rest of the week in which I have to attend classes at that building they call school.

Why? I'm not really sure. It's just a rule, that tends to work. Wednesdays are second up, I think, because at that point I'm halfway through the week, already sick of it, and still feeling like Friday is a verrrrry distant life preserver that I can hardly see on the horizon(just like I was on Monday), even though it's only two days away. And I hate the repetitiveness of these weeks. Monday through Friday, same classes, same crap, same mind-numbingly-boring bits and pieces of watered down information, in at least one class that's a sure bet, and usually two or three others. And then the two classes that aren't, as a general rule, as mind-numbing as the rest pile on the work. Woo-hoo. Rinse and repeat.

(not in the best of moods, you may have noticed)

I'm tired. There was nobody at school today. I mean, Alicia had a good reason, Jessica was sick...but just about literally half the school was gone. I don't know if they were all sick, or just decided to skip on the same day, or what, but it was really weird. Our lunch table was cold and devoid of life. Alicia, Jess, Joe, and Daniel were all gone.

I watched the Island yesterday. It was good.

The flower to box screensaver on the other computer is doing extremely strange things.

I'm cold. I wish the weather would make up its mind.

I'll finish that line of non-sequiturs with the statement that my one short story is coming along relatively well for language. The LA class that's not a total waste of time and energy. I'm entering the short story in the Writers of the Future(or something similar) contest....I'll probably write a haiku or something for the Missouri Teachers yada yada one. I dunno, two weeks just isn't enough time for me to come up with two decent short I'll shoot for a good short story and a decent haiku. Haha.

People are weird. We don't make sense.


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