Saturday, January 21, 2006

We went to conference today(which resulted in me waking up nauseatingly early...and now I'm tired)...and got first! Whoo!

The games went relatively well until the last match against Jasper. See, on math questions, we get 15 seconds to answer(as opposed to the normal ten). If someone buzzes in and says an answer, there's only five(maybe ten? can't remember) seconds left for the other team to answer before time is called. So they'd buzz in with a stupid answer as soon as the question was finished, leaving Alicia less time to finish it in. Technically speaking, this is a decent strategy, and it wouldn't have annoyed me so much if they only did it once or twice(Sarcoxie did once, but that was it). But they did it on every single math question, and that's just pathetic/asinine. If you can't win honestly, why would you want to win?

And this Sarcoxie dude took our friggin pizza. We ordered two large pizzas, and we're chowing down...this guy walks over and goes "Hey, do you guys have any BBQ pizza?" "" "Okay," and he just walks off with a big slice of our cheese pizza. Which I was eating. Later someone makes a remark about how we inhaled the pizza in five minutes flat, and I said "Well, there is eight of us." Jake: "Yeah, plus that guy that STOLE OUR PIZZA!" haha...Jake is a funny funny guy...anyways, we never did figure out if he thought that the Sarcoxie guy

I'm going to go see Pride and Prejudice with Stacia and possibly Alicia later tonight, then maybe hang out somewhere before/afterwards. Think I'm gonna call it a relatively early night, though, 'cause I'm tired and not feeling too well(nasty sore throat for some reason).


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