Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm in a bad mood and I don't really know why. My throat hurts, my back hurts, and I'm tired, but that's it. I've had a relatively good day. I turned in my application at Sprouts(local vegetarian-ish - mostly, but a few dishes with meat in them - restaurant), which wasn't as good as I'd hoped, and hung out with Stacia and LeAnn for a while afterwards. I'm not feeling too hot overall and I'm reading some depressing news - such as this...just, wow. I don't even get it. Do you really think the vast majority of people who get abortions are going to use it as contraception, and if they are, d'you think those kind of people should be reproducing? I just...dunno. I think lots of things are wrong but I don't try to keep people from doing them. I'm strongly opposed to factory farming but I don't go running around at lunch tumping over everyone's tray that's eating meat. Or go ripping off leather shoes or jackets or belts. I know some people do that, and I don't agree with them. And something else I don't understand - there are some of the super-fundamentalist sects that say no hospital care for anyone, and so their children end up dying AFTER they're born from some disease. Now wait, these are the same people that are pro-life and that I've seen a lot of pro-lifers defend. So it's not okay to kill a fetus that's not all the way developed but it's okay to kill a six year old, possibly slowly and painfully, because the parents are forcing their religious beliefs on him/her? Say wha now?

It just reminds me of the whole morning-after pill thing. I'm sure everyone that reads my blog knows my opinion on that. If I worked at Subway and said "Oh hell no I'm not giving that man a pastrami sandwich, don't you know the evils of factory farming?!" I'd be kicked out on my liberal vegetarian ass faster than you can blink, but because someone says God told 'em to, it's okay to deny that rape victim birth control. If you aren't going to do a job right, you shouldn't get hired. End of all stories.

I guess this is what we get for having a Republican president and a Republican majority in both classes. So much for checks and balances(and freedom, too...).

Completely unrelated notes:

I'm going to stencil our little group shirts that say "I'm blogging this". We're all going to wear them on the same day.

The seniors piss me off. There are some of them I'll miss, but holy crap I've never met a whinier bunch of people. They're all askew because the juniors aren't raising enough money in their opinions, and our coordinator is having a baby cow about it(despite the fact that he's male). The thing is though, that he won't accept any kind of suggestions. Apparently he freaked out at people for suggesting things at one of the meetings(I haven't been to any but the first one, because the geniuses keep holding them during the last 5-10 minutes of lunch. I dunno about anyone else, but they only give us 25 minutes to get food and eat, and there's no way I'm wasting what little time I have for eating on listening to people talk about things I don't care about), and I saw him freak out at Lydia for asking if she could have her parents donate $20-40 instead of trying to pawn off cheapie pictures to relatives and friends(we were supposed to sell two for $10 apiece). He told her yes, but she'd have to sell two pictures too. Boy, that makes a whole load of sense. Refusing a $40 donation that can be all yours so you can get whatever percentage of $20 you get from near-forcing people to take advantage of their friends and family. Woo-hoo that makes sense. ANYWAYS, back to the senior issue. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to bust my butt so that a bunch of ungrateful people who, for the most part, are rude to me, can get what they want when the only reason I'm going is because I have a dress.

Weird. Deja vu.

Our Bio teacher really pisses me off.

Not to copy off Alicia or anything, but it really is amazing how people come up with their version of reality. You watch an event, and listen to one person recount it, and another person recount it, and it's almost disturbing how different the stories are.

yeah I think I'm headed towards bed now...

And oops, I'm a ditz. Turns out that concert was for the fourth, not the third. So it's on Saturday. Which probably screws everything up, because I've been asking people about Friday for a week now. Yippee!


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Michelle, I hope you feel better soon. By the way, I'm pretty sure that not making any sense is a qualification for being a fundementalest nut.

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