Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mr. Turner has a book signing at the Neosho Library this Thursday at 7 - you should all go! I'll hopefully be there, I just went earlier today...turns out that literally over half of the books I wanted to check out magically got checked out between the last time I looked them up online and now. Gragh. Maybe they'll be there Thursday.

People continue to astound and amaze me. It's like one of those cheesy magic shows, with more irritation and less...uhh...magic? Anyways, two stories to prove the point.

Story number one: There's two people, let's call them A and B. A is a freshman, B is a senior, I'm not horribly fond of either of them. Apparently B had a party Saturday night, a combined birthday party of her and her brother's(who's a sophomore). A got drunk, peed herself, and puked. B proceeded to announce this in front of the entire first hour class, including the teacher, told all of us to tell everyone we know, told her second hour class, and bragged about how she phoned into a radio station and had them announce it over the air.

Okay now. W...T...F? I can understand teasing her some. But telling everyone you know, having it announced over the radio? Hey, newsflash, this just in: When people get really drunk, they puke, pee, and do stupid things. That's really, in fact, about all people do when they get drunk. Or maybe whine a lot if they're one of the emo drunks. I'm sure B has probably puked all over herself or someone. Aside from this whole scenario of telling everyone being asinine, I'm sure with how Diamond is it will eventually get back to A's mother. I don't know if A's mom is the type of person to do this, but it's not the brightest idea to go around telling everyone including teachers that you provided alcohol to an underage person when you're underage yourself. Duh. Just a duh, and an oh-shut-up-don't-be-an-ass to the situation in general.

Situation #2 - here's a tip that I assumed was common knowledge: If you want something to be a secret, it's generally a good idea to NOT TELL PEOPLE. If you don't want people to know something, then do not tell other people about it. Once again, duh.

Speaking of ranty things, I came across this link via Mr. T's blog. Holy freakin' crap. I don't know if the situation had to do anything with the family being Hispanic or not, but it's ridiculous either way. This is the second or third situation like this I've heard of in the past six months. What if his pets were in the garage? What if his kid or someone had been stuck in the car?! I completely agree with the editorial - these people who are praised so highly in some circles and who are supposed to be around to help the public totally and completely failed, in an utterly disgusting manner.

Ugh. I hate American Idol. It's taking up two hours of programming that could be filled with intelligent or humorous material(oh wait, this is TV we're talking about...).

Back to Mr. T's blog, there was a comment on a recent entry that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks to whoever made it('cause I'm assuming they read this, from the nature of the comment). It also made me think of two Calvin and Hobbes comics...

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(mostly that one)

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(that one came next in thought association)

Off to do trig homework...yummy...


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