Monday, February 20, 2006

So how’s this for synchroneity? (which is supposedly the right spelling, but looks funny to me...oh well) Months ago, there was some song in the background of Grey’s Anatomy that I liked, and I could NOT find the lyrics for, no matter *what* I searched. I finally found the band(Authority Zero) a week or two ago. Day before yesterday, I had my mp3 playlist set on random, and the exact song came up. Turns out it’s on Rock Against Bush 1. Could’ve saved me a whole lot of trouble if I’d realized that in the first place...

I should be going shopping later with Lydia, maybe Alicia/LeAnn/Jessica. But probably just Lydia and Alicia.

I emailed the Clampdown(which is the aforementioned band that I really want to see), and apparently the show this Friday was moved to March 4th. Whatever, I’m still getting there.


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