Saturday, April 08, 2006

Prom was fun. Lots of fun. I thought it would suck beyond belief, but it was fun. Except now I'm numb from the waist down from walking around and dancing in those blasted heels.

AQT was less. We lost the first two rounds - the first one by like 30 points because the other team(Jasper) was doing that asinine thing where they buzz in with crap answers to math questions so Alicia has no time to answer, and in the second round we lost by 20 points. That's two questions. So I went home, went to the Bridge for a short while, went to Jessica's, went to Olive Garden, we waited and waited and waited, went to Steak and Shake instead. Went to prom. Went home. Should have gone to bed, now I am going to bed. and I'm going to SLEEP IN.

Oh and I saw the video for Stupid Girls. A+ from me.


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