Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wow. Pretty worn out.

Saturday = bad day. I was in excruciating pain for most of it. I did get an interview at Philly's, which I started at on Sunday. Worked four hours Sunday(noon to 4), hung out with Jess a bit, came home. Monday, school, blah blah, came home, went to work at 4:30 and worked to close. Tuesday, same thing. Today was my first day off - WHEW. I was worn out, because I'd been having trouble sleeping. Anyways, I got my hair cut(yes, again), and it's different, not HUGELY different, but shorter and a different shape. Also, I didn't have the lady style it curly since I was just going straight home, by means of which I discovered it looks pretty good w/the curl combed out a bit, wavy, as well. I also got some expensive hair stuff that better be freakin' good.

The new job is...okay, I guess. The manager is Italian, laid back, but not nessecarily nice all the time. The cooks so far are okay, I haven't got to work with anyone at register(which is what I do - you didn't really think I'd be cooking the sandwiches, did ya?) except for Jessica. It really sucked yesterday because someone was supposed to show up at 5:30 and they were a no call no show. It was UNGODLY busy, of course. I cannot stand the lady that works during the day. I have to constantly bite my tongue when I'm around her. I get there at 4:30, she clocks out, and it got busy right after that.

I had two people waiting on the register and someone in the drive-through, and the phone starts ringing.

Me: Dottie(yeah, talk about your stupid names), can you get that please?
Her: Oh well I'M already clocked out, I'm not even here any more as far as the computer is concerned!!!
What I wanted to say: Are you really too &%$#ing lazy to get off your butt and just ANSWER THE PHONE?! How much effort does that take? Or do you just like to be an insufferable annoying twit?!
What I did say: *very very forced smile that hurt my face* Please?
Her: *big sigh, or maybe that's just the noise she makes when she moves* I guess.

I mean, maybe it's just me, but if you act like you know soooooo much more than everyone else(just because you're 40 years old and still working a minimum wage register job at a friggin fast food restaurant), then can you put out the whole teensy bit of extra effort to maybe help someone out a little bit?

I've decided I'm just going to work there a month or so, and then start looking for another job after that. It's just that right now, unless I get a heck of a pay boost, it's too much work with so-so people for too little money, and I'm scheduled to work every night to close (which, by the way, closing by yourself SUCKS) until Sunday except for Friday, when I work to 8:30. That's 25 hours this week, and I specifically told him I only wanted to work 15-20. Not to mention they're shorthanded right now, which means that if I'm scheduled for a day I can't take it off. And that pisses me off because I wanted to go to the Take Back the Night thing at MSSU on Friday. But noooooo. I might go by after work anyways, if someone wants to go with me.

My little brother is pretty sick. I guess he was running a fever of 104 or so yesterday, and my mom took him to the doctor...who told her that it was a minor viral infection without actually looking at my brother. It was 102 earlier today and it was 104 not too long ago. Poor kid.

What's also not good is that in the past hour or two I've started to feel kind of icky myself. It's sprrrrrrrring, I don't wanna be sick!

Anyways, fair warning, don't expect updates to either of my blogs until the weekend probably. And now, I am going to bed *yay*.


Anonymous casey said...

Ah... the workin world. Fucking Sucks, Eh?

1:52 PM

Blogger "Igor" said...

welcome to the real world ... dealing with bad coworkers at a job you dont like.

3:26 AM

Blogger Michelle said...

Actually, the coworkers are great. I wouldn't mind the job at all except that the boss is such an ass.

6:46 PM


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