Monday, May 08, 2006

Not much up. My opinion of Philly's changes by the day I swear. Sometimes it's okay, sometimes it's not. Right now I'm just exasperated that the probation period is 90 days and I don't know what I'll be making after that(right now it's min wage). I'm thinking about trying waitressing over the summer to see how that goes, because my job right now is pretty much waitressing without tips. So yeah, decent weekend. There's never anything to say any more, because everything is either too personal to post here or just boring stuff(work school work school, rinse and repeat). We had MAP testing last week and our school suffered from astonishingly bad planning - decided to have it the hours that a lot of people needed to be gone for work, and one day half the people in our group were gone for FFA. Fun. They also did scheduling assemblies on Friday when half of the people were gone due to a Spanish trip. I signed up for:

Advanced Art
Economics/Geography(semester class each, mostly so that I could have Mr. Withers and they're super-easy filler classes)
Lifetime sports (stupid PE credit...)
Fashion merchandising(with CCE, so that I'll only have to go five hours a day. Also the other half of the class is sports/entertainment merchandising, but I just put down fashion 'cause it was shorter)


Business Tech
Chem I
Marketing I

So, all in all, my senior year should be beyond disgustingly easy. This year is sucking majorly though, because everything is being piled on in these last two weeks when I feel like I should be going "yaaaaay two weeks left!". So instead I'm going "OMG AHHHHHHHH" *crushed by mountains of schoolwork and high finals pressure*

Ahem. Yeah. On that note, 'night.


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