Wednesday, July 12, 2006

so. I cannot figure this one out. I got very little sleep last night (more on that in a second), and when I woke up for good, woke up with a godawful head and neck ache, and with an upset stomach. Shortly after waking up I got really dizzy for no reason (like, we're talking having trouble walking a straight line dizzy). So I ate a nectarine, because despite feeling like I was going to puke, I was still hungry. Felt better for 20 minutes and now the dizziness is back, though not as bad as before, so I just ate a chewy bar.

Yaaay, cheap entertainment. *watches the room spin*

Anyways, yeah. I went to bed around midnight. Got an idea that wouldn't leave me alone so I had to get up and draw it. Got back in bed. Got another idea. Got back in bed. Got extremely hungry. Got up, made a sandwich, went back to bed. Tossed and turned and switched blankets and fell asleep.

I had a dream that...well at the beginning there was something with this three inch tall little redheaded fairy. That was our friend for some reason, and she had pretty wings...looking at her for too long made my head hurt. And I put her in a cage for some reason and then felt bad and took her out and ran away because I couldn't face her. And then something about washing dishes. And then suddenly I'm at my house, with Jessica and her dad. I walked past Logan's room and saw a HUGE brown recluse on the floor, so I went to smack it with a shoe. All of the sudden there were two of them, and I hit them both, and they were leaking spider-juices (yummy huh) but still alive, jumped up on his chair. I stood up and went to go smack 'em again when I saw that there was this the grand-daddy-longleg on steroids times ten. It would have come up to my knees if it was on the ground. It ate the two spiders, but one of our dogs, Sasha, was inside the room and went to eat them or something, the big nasty thing stabbed her with one of its legs. She started wailing (Shibas make funny noises, much higher-pitched and more human-ish than most other dogs) and ran from the room, with the leg still stuck in her(it like...fell off the mutant-whatsit). I stood there screaming bloody murder and then went to tell my mom, who didn't believe me. I went to show her the thing in Logan's room and it was gone. So I went to find Sasha, who was hiding behind one of our toilets, and showed her to my dad, the leg was still stuck in her leg, going all the way through it. At this point, Jessica walks up to me (dunno where she was at throughout all of this) holding a cup of water, and points to this extremely tiny (like a quarter inch long) beetle on her cup. Says "Do you think that's poisonous?" I give her a look and go "Who CARES if it's poisonous, it's frickin' tiny, just knock it off the cup!" And she got mad at me, because I was being a hypocrite by being afraid of the big nasty thing and not being understanding of her being scared of a tiny beetle. Said so and walked off, I started yelling at her hysterically and she goes "Whatever, let's not fight" or something. I turn around in time to see my dad pulling the leg out of Sasha's leg, and she let out a scream-yelp that actually woke me up.

WTF, mate?

hahahaha. this cheered me up some.

edit: ok, so it messed up with the frames. blogger won't let me take the picture out and just link it. Oh well. you get the point.


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