Saturday, July 08, 2006

LOL I forgot something from the theatre last night. This trailer comes up, and words start flashing across the screen, something like "In 2003 a spacecraft was sent to Mars" (shows Earth, zooms out and goes to Mars, shows the whatsit landing on it) "We were told it crashed" (shows the rest of landing) "The final transmission was classified as top secret" (shows camera on whatsit whirring around and focusing, at this point I turn to Stacia and go "Because it shows ALIIIIIIENS") "This is what it saw" and it shows a massive robot-looking thing smashing the spacecraft. I go "Oh, my bad, it showed Optimus Prime." More words appear - "It was the only warning we'd ever get". And then the Transformers logo pops up. we died laughing haha...


Blogger fatwonkkid said...

i love the transformers. is it traditional animation, computer animation, or live action?

6:44 AM

Blogger Michelle said...

Live action, if I'm remembering looked pretty heavy on the CGI though.

9:55 AM

Anonymous .ck. said...

That preview was hilarious. Then Scott goes, "Attack of the Killer Hotwheels!" and the whole theater pretty well cracked up.

7:36 PM


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