Sunday, February 18, 2007

The aforementioned and long awaited photos of the massive rainbow scarf:

(note how I oh-so-cleverly seamed the sun and cloud motifs on there WITHOUT ANY STICHES SHOWING! *is proud*)

And though this isn't the exact hat, it's the same pattern:

I forgot to mention earlier that Ashley won tickets for the AFI/Sick of it All/The Dear and Departed show in Springfield. (or at least, I think I did, and at this point I'm far too lazy to check) Which was pretty freakin' cool - better than I expected. AFI is one of those bands that I like sometimes, but I have to be in the right mood for it. They put on a great live show though, and the other two bands were good too. (gotta admit, I liked Sick of it All better than The D&D) And their guitarist? (SOIA, that is) a *total* spaz. Holy crap, the guy was jumping around and pogoing and running back and forth across the stage for the entire 30 minutes or so that they played. I don't think he stood still once.

Plus, Davey Havok? Say it with me now: mmmmm...

I'm annoyed with this purse that I made...impressed with all the shiny colors of the rainbow scarf, I decided to make a rainbow messenger bag. Which took FOR-FREAKIN-EVER, I might add (those straps? so boring)...and when I seamed it up...due to a minor error, one side of it is an inch higher than the other. And even if it was just for me and not for my etsy shop, I wouldn't be able to leave it that way. Sooo I'm letting it sit and not looking at it for a while so it won't annoy me, and I'm probably going to have a go at re-assembling it tomorrow.

things to do tomorrow this week:
-fill out application for MSU
-reassemble purse
-get started/finish on my grandma's hat
-finish wristwarmer set for etsy (and get buttons for neckwarmer)
-finish cupcake
-finish listing for scarf
-list hat, reassembled purse, cupcake, neckwarmer, and wristwarmers
-round purse
-skull purse
-file taxes (rebate = good)
-make myself the freakin' purse and laptop bag that've been in planning stages for FOREVER (sewing may be a lot more instant gratification than crochet, but you can't do it while watching Buffy)
-order Denise set and mohair yarn

whew. when I put it like that, it seems really depressing. also, go figure that as I'm actually getting started(ish) on my two sweater projects, it's finally warming up. Supposed to hit 70 sometime this week. I'm not sure if I believe it, but if it does happen, I can deal with having some knit/crocheted garments that aren't wearable until next winter. (although I think the mohair will probably breathe enough for me to get at least some wear out of it...) also on the to-do list at some point is try out some of those patterns from the 70s that I got from my grandma (were originally my great-grandma's), because there's some neat clothing patterns that I could probably adapt. The whole thing is that I hate working from patterns, but I can't normally figure out how something is done and how well it works until I've...done the pattern. d'oh. It's interesting how (flipping through those patterns just now) that people want to say crochet was so tacky in the 70s, but they figured out something that people want to ignore today...that you can't use worsted-weight yarn for really wearable garments (stuff that isn't a poncho/hat/scarf, though I dunno how wearable some of those ponchos were...haha). I think that's a good reason everyone thinks of crochet as so chunky.

I think I might destash by putting some yarn/random stuff up on etsy. mainly my knitting that I can needle-knit, I don't really need them any more. And I wasn't too fond of the chunky results anyways, except for something like a hat (which...I never got, I'll admit, haha). or I might just give them to my sister, she seemed to like them. At the very least, I'll probably be getting rid of some of them. Or maybe use them to make some fun-fur scarfs first...I got some for Christmas, and that stuff is HARD to crochet with (can't see the stitches).

not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow, I spent my whole weekend feeling like crap. at least I don't have to work again 'til Thursday (and Friday, and Saturday) rambly post...ok, night now!

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