Friday, March 09, 2007

hmm. I got my handspun yarn from Etsy today. Happy happy joy joy! Just in time for spring break. (and on that note:

HALLELUJAH! etc. etc.)


(note the pink nail polish, half of the pink + orange nail polish that Lydia oh-so-kindly noticed and complimented me on today)

I realized that the colors would probably show better in untwisted hank form. One (the one in a ball) is a rougher wool/nylon blend, 87 yds, and has a freakin' rainbow array of all these neon colors - thick'n'thin, going from a little over worsted to very very thin, I was wondering if it'd break when I was winding it). The only thing that ticked me off a bit is that it still had a tiny tiny bit of vegetable matter left in it. The other one is a wool/mohair blend (100 yards) and is soooooo soft! They make me want to learn to spin faster. I found a neat drop-spindle kit on etsy for a reasonable price, with some roving (from animal friendly indie farms) included.

The issue is that I don't know what to do with either of them. Unless they're worked waaay loose, the yardage isn't really enough to do anything significant...I already have a scarf, and I'm not so big on hats most of the time. Wrist/leg warmers? maybe *shrugs* The neon thick'n'thin screams eighties to me...too bad I couldn't really see them combined, waaay too many colors at once. I'm thinking some kind of super-see-through corset tank with the neon, and...I don't know what yet with the other yarn. Plus I've got all of this(very soft acrylic/mohair blend):

waiting to be made into a sweater. (again, sheer, either long-sleeved or 3/4ths sleeved, off the shoulder)

Maybe I'll use the leftovers from all of them and do a mixed sweater, a la this. (and at some point, I'm definitely making my own version of the 'only anarchists are pretty' shirt. haha. I'd like to meet her someday) the teal in the handspun matches the teal in the acrylic/mohair blend almost maybe I can use those two together. ooh, an idea on that. hmm. neat., either bed or more sitting here and thinking. but I am SO glad spring break is here. and Alex is coming at the end of this month! yay!!

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Anonymous casey said...

sweet shirt!

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