Thursday, January 26, 2006

The one good thing about this whole computers fiasco(because, as Alicia so eloquently pointed out, being on my blog didn't distract me much, but not being able to use computers is a pretty big pain in the butt, hinders my education, and will probably negatively affect my much for fostering academic potential) is that I end up reading more, although I suppose that isn't necessarily a good thing because I should be doing homework instead of reading Flowers for Algernon. Not important homework, anyways, so it doesn't matter. Also, I think it's a little weird how "piece of crap" was profane enough to get me banned from the computers for at least six weeks(haven't actually personally checked in yet; but I'm assuming, since that's how long Lydia's banned), and yet apparently relatively obscene rap songs are getting blared over the loudspeakers at basketball games. Weird how that works.

Aforementioned book is depressing. I knew it would be, read the short version and saw the movie in eighth grade, but felt I should read the book. Next up would be Brave New World, if we HAD it in our library. Alas no.

I finished Dead Like Me season 2 tonight. It just kind of...ends. It sucks when actual good shows get cancelled and mindless drivel is still aired.

I really need to finish my LA IV short story. I hate writer's block. My zones keep getting all mixed up. I have an art zone, a writing zone, god forbid even a math zone if it's easy enough, and I keep having to switch back and forth. By the time I actually get going at something the blasted bell rings and I have to, at the very least, stand up and move halfway across the building mid-line/sentence/problem, if not work on a totally different assignment for an hour and then try and go back only to find the spot in my head that previously had the rest of the sentence or paragraph or line or problem to be frustratingly blank.


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