Friday, January 27, 2006

Very tired, and going to bed soon. Just felt like relating a story or two first, though. I thought it was interesting today, because we have a teacher who works at a hotel a few nights a week. And she said something about checking her email at work. One of the students asked her if she got on the internet at work, and she said "Well, they give me two hours of work and eight hours to do it in, so yes, I do."

Gee, that situation sounds familiar...

I bought a lot of fabric today at Jo-Ann's. Green leopard print flannel(soooo soft), 2 yards because it was on sale for $3/yd, and then some multicolored leopard print(which sounds tacky - but I think it's cute, tan background and then leopard spots with different colors inside the spots), again flannel, and also flannel print with blue background and white stars of different shapes. 1 yard of each, and then a yard of this black fleece with embroided cherries all over it. Which I'm going to make into a skirt tomorrow morning - was going to do it tonight, but I got home later than planned and I'm going to bed very soon - and wear tomorrow. With my boots, yay! We have a thrift store run planned in the morning/afternoon. With maybe Alicia and Compton(which is not his real name, that'd be Michael; one of Jessica's friends who's highly amusing).

I'm getting annoyed with this whole Tilt ordeal. I'm going to apply at Jo-Ann's too; I could probably use the discount. And the lady seemed impressed that someone my age bought that much fabric; she wanted to know what I was going to do with all of it, haha.


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