Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ashley got that freaking Killers song stuck in my head. Blah blah blah.

As mentioned in the entry before, our bio teacher really irritates me. Let's figure this one out: He refused to let a student that has a bladder infection go to the bathroom. It's asinine when he doesn't let people who just have to pee go to the bathroom, but when they have a bladder infection? They went back and forth for five minutes when Darci said "Just go, and have your mom write a note excusing you". Teacher flips out and says "WELL I'M STILL WRITING HER A REFERRAL FOR IT!!" as girl gets up and leaves the room. Darci said "What'd you want her to do, pee in the trashcan?" "Yeah, I'd have preferred she did that!"

WTF, mate? Was there *any* point in that other than to go on an insane power trip? Any at all? But then, this is the same person that gave us computer-based assignments while we were banned from the computers and who refused to give us alternate assignments, saying that it'd all balance out in the end. Well, it's less than a week 'til quarter's over, we haven't got to see even a rough grade since midquarter -- I'm betting that he's going to not tell us our grades until the day before quarter ends when it's impossible to do any kind of alternate assignment and then we'll be up a creek without a paddle. Yee-haw, Batman. That sounds like a party.

Speaking of yee-haw, there's now a sign in our commons area that says "No Chewing Tabacco Allowed". You know you're in a hick school when...

And, although I know this is EXTREMELY late, I just now read about that outburst Kayne West had on live TV about Bush being stupid and Katrina. Very funny scenario. It's also nice to see that not all mainstream artists are the stupid sheep a lot of people make them out to be.

Man I feel like crap.


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