Wednesday, March 29, 2006

La di da. Bored and ohsotired. BUUUUUUT....House is on again! And Bones! No more brain-cell killing pop wannabes singing during my shows. Good.

Apparently, or according to Spencer, the Bridge is open again this Friday. Considering the source it might very well not be, but hey it'd be cool if it was. If it's not, I might go see V for Vendetta again with Stacia. I dunno, though.

The educational system has seriously been grating on my nerves as of late. See, in our normally-asinine-but-this-is-absolutely-ridiculous fifth hour LA III class, we're doing MAP review. Now, in my opinion, MAP review kind of negates the point of the MAP. The MAP is supposed to see how well the curriculum is working and how well we're learning in school, no? So taking two to three weeks out of our normal(though not any less brain-cell-wasting, in this class) curriculum to review, specifically for that test, when we're not LEARNING anything during the review, is a little pointless dontcha think? I can understand a week of quick review before the test. But we've already had one thick packet, just got handed another today, and will probably get another one by the sounds of it. I understand the teacher hasn't been able to come up with any better use for our time all bleeping year(comma worksheets? as juniors in high school? oh what fun what fun!), but come on. When I bring up the issue in class that I'm not learning anything, I get told "well what are you going to do in college?!"

Ummm...not do mindless review for tests I won't have to take, I'm guessing. But that IS only a guess. Either way, the only way I'd do bad on the MAP is if I wanted to to make the school look worse, 'cause I gotta tell you, the school's not doing a whole hell of a lot for me at this point. I don't know why I shouldn't return the favor.

Not to mention that the MAPs bug me anyways. The basis of it, for those of you who don't know what it is(though probably have similar statewide tests), is pretty much that we do good and the school gets more money depending on how good we do.

Well, I don't get any money. I get two skip days and a $40 giftcard if I'm lucky. Which is probably not worth working for 10 or so hours. Four bucks an hour isn't minimum wage. It's not like the school spends money in ways I like -I don't learn anything, none of the classes that've been proposed that I'd love to take have been accepted as far as I know, I don't play any sports which is where all the bloody money ends up getting spent, etc. etc. All of this just leads to an increasing urge to draw smiley faces and write song lyrics(or rants, or quotes from Thoreau or somesuch, or something similar) instead of doing the boring boring asinine stupid questions in those blasted little freaking notebooks.

I can honestly say, the only class I actually learn anything in is College Algebra, and that's a stretch because most of it isn't really *new*, it's just stuff I saw last year and had a hard time with(and get it better this year). We never read anything the least bit though provoking. We never do any kind of original work or work that requires anything more than finding the answer buried in the essay or the internet and vomiting it back up onto a page without using any thought or creativity or originality.

And I have to come BACK next year. Why?

wait for it...

a PE credit. Whoop-dee-freaking-do. Because that, that my friends, is something that I will surely learn valuable life lessons from. Such as never leave your good stick of deodorant in your gym locker without locking it. Or how to benchpress correctly. You know, things that will aid you greatly in your life ventures.

Especially if you're pursuing a liberal arts degree. Yay.

The other day I got told off for reading in the same class where we're doing pointless review. Oh no, someone's trying to LEARN in a SCHOOL. We can't allow that one!

I don't like classroom dynamics either. I was thinking about this the other day too. Why is it okay for a teacher to go out of their way to embarass a student, sometimes to the point of tears, and they'll get hired back for next year, but heaven forbid a kid did that to a teacher. They'd be in trouble up to their eyes. Why is it okay to not treat us like people? Why do we get treated like idiots or like half people or like something to just boss around and get annoyed at? If we're supposed to be trying to learn, why do we get bitched at for asking questions -which, in my defense, probably come off as smartassed, but at least half the time I don't mean them that way. And why, if we treated some of the teachers the way they treat us, would WE be the ones in the wrong? dark sarcasm in the classroom...

(that song came on today as we were going home, which took forever due to a roadblock thing, and I thought it was highly ironic considering my grumbly at best feelings towards school lately...)


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