Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So I finished the hat - yay me. Here's a picture:

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My eyes look freakishly blue in that picture.

Today was a, as Alexander and Tsunami Bomb would put it, a no-good-very-bad day. The only part of the day that was decent was after school. School it itself, for lack of a better word, sucked. Big time. People kept making comments(or giving me lectures...) that I don't think they meant to be snide or patronizing or rude, but that seriously came off that way. It wouldn't have meant anything by itself, but all together they were just too much. And then, of course, our Bio teacher proceeded to make a jerk of himself. As per usual. We got assignments back from over a month ago, where I had(and the other "dirty bloggers") had been counted off 40% from it because it wasn't typed. When we couldn't type it. If I'm recalling right, at the time he never specified typing anyways. So we pointed this out to him, and he goes "Oh. That's right." and walks off. And ignores anything else we say to him. Joy joy.

In our third grade(or might as well be) language class, we're having MAP review. I have to wonder, sincerely and without any smartassed intent(well, maybe a little bit, but much less than usual), what the point of the review is. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the point to see what we're learning in our normal curricula? Soooo...doesn't taking a week out of our normal class, where we're actually learning something(not in this case, but hopefully in a normal classroom), to say "ok this is what you need to know for the MAP" kind of defeat the purpose? Entirely?

So I came home, surfed, finished the hat and watched some Buffy. I think that's my comfort tv-show.

I did add the aforementioned links - I might add some more tomorrow. I think they're pretty self-explanatory; dirty bloggers(a reference to the whole school-big-brother-fiasco) = blog, listening = record labels, and get active = resources for...getting active. voting and issues and such. If I add any more, it'll probably be in that section.

Going to bed...I have AQT practice in the morning. Night night.


Anonymous casey said...


tomorrow will be better.

9:46 PM

Anonymous .ck. said...

that's a really good picture of you... and the hat is awesome.

8:32 PM


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