Sunday, March 12, 2006

This has been a Pretty Good Weekend.

A lot of yesterday was spent cleaning, and then Tammy came over. We generally goofed around, she taught me how to crochet(or do single and double stitch anyways, it turns out I was pretty much just making the stitches way too tight and that's why I was having a problem), and we watched The Breakfast Club and The Big Chill. Yay for eighties movies! I thought they were both decent at least and liked the first one more than the second. That might've had something to do with the fact that the second was depressing and I was too tired to pay the utmost attention to most of it.

Today Jessica and I went shopping - it turns out Mr. Bulky's still has an opening, and I'm going to call about that and JoAnn's tomorrow. Either one would be a pretty cool job. Anyways, I went to Michael's and got some yarn for the Anarchy Irony Hat from the SnB Happy Hooker book. Casey says he wants the red on black version...I dunno if I'm going to do black on red, or black on some other maybe. Or green. Neon green, haha. Make it an unstereotypical anarchy hat. I also got a pin that says "I will shamrock your world", a sticker that has a picture of a cat and dog taking a test and says "Against animal testing", and a huuuuuge XL shirt that says 'death eater'...I know it's geeky but the design was so nifty I couldn't resist. I think it might be a dress soon.

Anyways, I met Phil. He's pretty cool, nice, and not a Bush fan. He has the best-friend stamp of approval as far as I'm concerned.

It's all stormy and rainy outside, so I'm going to post this before the electricity goes out and all of this gets deleted...


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