Friday, March 17, 2006



Yesterday really kind of sucked. I think there's some universal law that says the more you look forward to something, the more you'll be disappointed. I like St Patrick's day, fun holiday, and I figured there's no way it could suck...well it did. School was blah, I thought it would get better after that and it just kept going downhill quickly. Didn't really get to do anything I'd planned or wanted to do, and everyone ended up in a pissy mood. Went home early because I felt like crap.

Today, it looks like almost nobody's available; whether from work or, well, to put it discreetly, sleeping off a headache. I might call Lydia and see if she wants to go into town, I really want to see V for Vendetta and it seems like something she might like.

I had an extremely weird and disturbing dream last night. I wonder if it means anything when you have much longer, involved, more vivid and weirder dreams than anyone you know. Anyways, I had this dream that there was some disturbing evil ancient force blah blah after me, and it kept making me hallucinate and talking to me...for some reason, the only thing it was afraid of was cobras. So I had to keep a picture of a cobra on me at all times. It wanted some old necklace that I found that was going to be exhibited in this HUGE museum. It could also possess people or turn into people or something like that. There was this big long involved thing where it kept killing people, and it was disturbing vivid. I also kept getting this weird deja vu feeling like I'd had this dream before, but for the life of me I couldn't remember how it ended in the dream. I don't think I have had it before at any rate...and then it was the opening day of the museum and Jessica, Lydia, and I were trying to stop it, running around through these big halls to get to the necklace before it did. Trying to keep people around at all times so it couldn't kill us. Suddenly Jessica and Lydia are gone, and the hall I'm running down is the one at home. I turn into my parents bedroom - the necklace is on the bed. I drop to my knees to grab it and a train suddenly appears outside the door, coming through it. The lights were incredibly bright. I get the necklace and the cobra picture while running to the door, but I tripped and fell. I threw up my arms in front of my face and scream bloody murder, but the train just goes over me. I open my eyes and everything's purple and black - like under a black light or something - and I stood up. Then I woke up.

The thing that bothers me most is that it didn't really have an ending.


Anonymous .ck. said...

< same commentary>

You have a deep sense of self-importance in that it's all out to get YOU... Virgin Mary complex ;-)... you know a lot of facts and don't have a very good creative outlet so they get jumbled around and come back out... you probably watched too much TMNT/other action cartoons as a child and now view your waking life as boring in comparison... have a fascination with Egyptian history that is so intense it naturally resurfaces in dreams... evil out to get me=world is out to get me...

< /same commentary>

8:55 PM

Anonymous .ck. said...

In your dreams, the house represents you... you have your friends around to protect you, but in the end they all go away and you're left to yourself, and you can't escape the bad things that are running through you.

Then you die.

8:58 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

Well thanks Alicia. That was only horribly cheerful. :P

8:35 AM


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