Saturday, March 25, 2006

So far, the four(and a half) day weekend has been alternately good and boring. Thursday afternoon/evening, Lydia and I went craft-store shopping, and then when we got home I attempted to teach her to crochet. Extremely unsuccessfully. I let her borrow the Happy Hooker, to learn from that, and I've missed it, 'cause although I hadn't touched it for three or four days BEFORE I let her borrow it, of course after it was gone I kept running into little things I needed to look up.

Friday morning, I went to my aunt's. My mom and Ashley got their hair trimmed, and I got my hair chopped off. We still haven't mailed it to Locks of Love though. But yeah, I like it much better now. It's longer in the front than the back and she put in some layers too. I didn't think to get a side picture, but here's a front mugshot:

Then we went to the sneak peek thing at the new Bridge last night. It was very cool - I *love* the new building and everything. It's so much bigger and nicer. There's a full basketball court, much bigger(and higher, eek) rock-climbing wall, full concession stand, HUGE ramp park thingie(with a little balcony-esque place where you can watch everyone skate/BMX) and I hear the concert venue looks great; we didn't get to take a look at that because the concert was $12 to get in. But apparently they geared it towards an older crowd than the other Bridge, according to one of the people we talked to you're not even allowed in unless you're sixteen. It's too bad I probably won't get to go to some of the grand opening stuff because of prom and AQT districts. I'll go to whatever I can though, that's for sure.

Today was not horribly exciting. We went and looked at a few cars, nothing good. I finished the hat that I started yesterday - I did most of it today, which shows about how bored I was...I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Going to go watch movies now...


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