Sunday, March 05, 2006

LeAnn spent the night last night; we watched the Power Rangers movie and Flatliners(again, although it's been a while). It was great, and this morning she came up with this masterpiece(with a little help from your's truly and Ashley):

The other day I was walking through the forest,
When out of the blue I got roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris.
I flew the air with the greatest of ease,
When I landed on the ground I shattered my knees.
I begged and I pleaded for Chuck Norris to stop,
Then out from the trees fell a Sugar Pop.
It hit Chuck Norris square on the head,
Then right there in front of me Chuck Norris was dead.
I cried "OMG How could this be? I killed Chuck Norris but he couldn't kill me."
Then God said "Let there be light, thank you for killing Chuck in that fight,
You see Chuck Norris wanted me dead, He threatened to grind my bones to make his bread."
I said "Well God I deserve a place of power, so give me a super tall tower,
So I can see naked hot guys, with my X-ray eyes...
Wait I should get some of those too, Can you please make those blue?"
God said "No I won't give you those things!"
So I punched him and cut him with my ring.
God started crying but I showed no remorse, Then I started beating him even worse.
After a while God had died, "Oh no what have I done" I cried.
Then I heard a ringing sound, I woke up and looked all around.
I realized it was all just a dream,
Then I got hit by a lighting beam,
Oh crap I really did kill God and Jesus is mad,
He was upset that I killed his dad,
But wait I woke up once again, and got ready for school and that was the end!!!!

Hahahaha. Anyways, I'm working on a purse(and my I-Search), the purse is actually totally done except for a small detail stencil. It turned out pretty good, I'll post pictures ASAP(which might be a few days, 'cause I have AQT tomorrow night). Mom's coming back from Las Vegas tomorrow.

On second thought, I'm not doing the stencil. I tested some paint on a scrap piece and the paint didn't take good(to the shinyish black fabric), so I think I'm going to do the Day of the Dead-esque skull on a pair of pants instead.


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