Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wow. I just heard about the army funeral protest thing on the news. Here's a link for those of you who haven't heard - basically, there's a new law stating that it's illegal to protest at military funerals, and the superfundies from Kansas(bum bum bum) are planning on protesting anyways, saying that the reason people are dying in Iraq is because God hates fags and America doesn't. Or something to that effect. Let's deal with this step-by-step:

1. If it's illegal to protest at a military funeral, it should be illegal to protest at everyone's funeral because
2. as much as I'm a fan of protesting rights, a funeral is absolutely no place for a protest. Tasteless and tactless and completely thoughtless, and it's not going to make anyone listen to you anyways because they'll be so pissed that you're protesting at an event that's supposed to be for remembering a dead person that they'll immediately disregard anything said. But you can't expect the superfundies to see reason, especially considering that
3. the reason our troops are dying in Iraq is because our president is an idiot and sent them over there. I can't think of a segue but anyways,
4. if you're taking the bible literally and that's where you're getting that god hates gay people, then you also have to accept that god hates a whole lotta other groups too. But I think it's interesting
5. considering the number of preachers of this type that have been caught in gay bars or doing things that would most definitely send them to hell(check out a recent case). Which just goes to show that repression is not healthy by any means. Not to mention that
6. American really isn't all that pro-gay, or hardly neutral by that matter, considering the number of states that are absolutely scrambling(or have already scrambled) to prove just how straight, upstandingly moral, and Christian they are by passing laws outlawing gay marriage.

It's also interesting how these people screaming about their first amendment rights are so quick to deny other peoples' first amendment rights when it comes to things that don't involve preaching Christianity. Hum.


Blogger fatwonkkid said...

I agree, there should be no law on the books to make protesting at military funerals illegal. On the flip side, I do believe we owe it to any of our fallen service(wo)men the honor and dignity to keep these morons a healthy distance from the funeral..say 20 miles.

In regards to why our soldiers are dying, yes one can say it is the presidents fault because he committed our troops, but I would more likely say it was our lack of intelligence and military planning.

We should have locked down all borders to prevent foreign insurgents from waging a war inside Iraq against us. We should have gone in stronger, harder, and faster. We should have trained our troops how to better deal with the cultural differences out in Iraq. We should also not wrap politcal correctness around war.

In regards to the Christians hating gays because God says it is an abomination....what happened to the little thing that Jesus said about loving your neighbors, turn the other cheek, do onto others as you wish they do onto you...

I guess we can ignore Jesus whenever it suits someones needs!

11:13 AM

Blogger Michelle said...

Well, it's not that I have a problem with the law, it's just that if it's going to be illegal to protest at military funerals it should be illegal to protest at anyone's funeral. To have it otherwise seems like it's saying that military people are better than other people, and isn't that what they're dying to keep from happening? At least, IMO. And yeah, forget that silly Jesus dude, let's get on with the smiting...

9:47 PM

Blogger fatwonkkid said...

Yeah...old school God was all cool because he would always smite people...

6:39 AM

Anonymous .ck. said...

Smite me, Almighty Smiter!

...wait, nevermind.

7:47 PM


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