Friday, March 10, 2006

Two stories from the Globe, with very different reactions from me:

Here - I'm not the only one who thinks so...granted the writer might not think much of my music either, judging by the way he speaks about music in general, but I gotta say we definitely agree on that point.

And this one, which just gets slack-jawed amazement/confusion from me. I don't get what they're complaining about. Yes, Christians are so obviously persecuted in this country. As we all know, there's Islamic temples on nearly every corner, and not a church in sight. Students are forced to recite a pledge that mentions Buddha in it every day, and it's a common sight to see bumper stickers that praise Ganeshu and have Om symbols on them. Our school even has a Fellowship of Confucist Athletes, but not a Christian fellowship, no sirree.

I really have no problem with the majority of Christians. I just really really don't like victim complexes, and I don't get what this resolution is supposed to be doing. If it's symbolic, and doesn't establish anything, why is it needed? What is it doing except for dividing people? There is absolutely NOTHING stopping people from praying in schools, so long as the teacher doesn't stand at the front of the class and say "Okay students now it's time for our daily prayer." That is wrong. I don't care what people do so long as they don't try to drag ME into it, which is a concept that seems to go over everyone's head lately.

While we're at it, I'm reminded of some stupid old forward that said something to the effect of "75% of Americans(or some other BS made up statistic) believe in God. Would it be so hard for the other 25% to just SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP?!?"

Uh. Yeah. That kind of goes against, oh, I don't know, everything America was founded on, you twits. Maybe the group that thought England was wrong was a minority, by however a small amount. Now what would've happened if they'd just sat down and shut up?

Anyways...last few days....

Wednesday...ummm....I really don't remember(little tired now). Nothing interesting, AQT practice as usual. Thursday, the plan was for Jessica and I to go to the mall and Dioko's with Phil, but that fell through because Phil apparently got in trouble or something, we went anyways, Jessica DDRed with a cute guy, got back later than planned and was mildly irritated about it...that's about the sum of the night.

Today was bad, and then good, and then bad-ish again. School = bad. End of story. And then, Jess and I went to the mall again, picked up her check, went to JoAnn's(where I got clearance tulle, yay), and then went to NBC, which is still having a bunch of 99 cent deals. I got a HIDEOUS dress that looks like something a Puritan schoolteacher would wear(but has a ton of black fabric for easy mutilation), a striped sweater(to make shoes with - pictures tomorrow), another striped shirt that I'm going to put something on the front of to cover a small hole, and a b+w plaid skirt, which is ubercomfy and shall also be mutilated, plus a pair of plain slip-on canvas shoes, for $8.50. Freakin' sweet. We went to Saginaw(I feel like a hick saying that one..), where Compton(don't ask) was at, and that was actually decent. Jerome was an ass, which was the bad part. Compton made up for it by being funny in the extreme though.

Tammy's spending the night tomorrow night. We're going to crochet, haha. Too bad the Stitch 'N Bitch Happy Hooker book hasn't got here yet.


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