Saturday, March 11, 2006

Three things I forgot from yesterday...

-cockiness aside, Jessica and I must've looked really good or something, because I swear I have never been checked out so many times in such a short period of time(while we were at the mall/in the car). It was getting a little weird.

- Joey, who has texted me every day since Monday, didn't give up the routine last night. Oh no. I felt bad for ignoring him all the other days, so this time I responded to his ever-so-creative query of "What's up?" with "Nothing, hanging out with Jessica." "Oh, sounds fun." I didn't reply. He sent another one anyways. "What are your plans for SATDAY?" "Hanging out with Tammy all day" "Oh, well if you want to do anything with me tomorrow, call me"

He's not a big one for hints...

- Brad really pissed me off last night. He said something about an Amy being drunk. I said "Wait, Amy who?" He said "Oh, Amy C------." "Ugh, I don't like her at all. She's our neighbor...probably the one that hit our dog and didn't even have the decency to tell us about it."

Brad starts LAUGHING. As in, mirth. Jessica and I just looked at him, dumbfounded.

"Uh, that's not funny," I say.
He keeps laughing.
Jessica chimes in with "Seriously, Brad, that's not funny. He was a family pet..."
Brad says, "Oh, well, cats and dogs are like toys. They're disposable, if one dies you can just get another one."
Now getting rather irritated, I say "Um, no, they're not. They're living things - that's like saying 'Oh you can just get someone to pop out another one' to someone who's relative just got hurt or something."
He insists his viewpoint is right and eventually runs off to do something spazzy and Bradlike.

I just...holy crap. Do we really live in such a throwaway culture that people are starting to consider living things just another throw-away-toy? Get rid of it once it's not fun any more. They're alive - life is not disposable. Period.

Rant of the day...check.

I should really go vacuum now that I'm done messing around on the Fat Wreck Chords site. I'm supposed to do that today(clean house so Tammy can come over, not look at record label sites).


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