Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yesterday was an AQT meet at College Heights. It brought back great(or humorous, at least) memories of eighth grade; CH was the meet where we were standing outside, in front of big windows and glass doors, I might add, when someone kicked their hackey-sack up on the roof. Oh, and this was when Mr. T was subbing for Mr. Augustine. We all kept trying to figure out how in the world they were going to get it down, and we decided the best way would be a pyramid-type thing, with me at the top of course(since everyone can pick me up, yay). Well, Mr. T comes around the corner and looks outside to see this pathetic trying-to-be-a-pyramid formation with me at the top that fell over as he watched. The look on his face was pretty priceless, I have to say.

Anyways, we got our butts kicked. One out of three rounds was victorious, one was an okay loss, and the other one we were TRAMPLED. The coach for El Dorado(the team that smushed us) was this old tall thin man wearing a black shirt. Right before the first round started, Alicia leans over and whispers "Their coach looks like Death...". Later, when it was apparent how badly we were being beat, Zach and I were writing notes - we weren't playing - and I made a comment about how they were probably using some kind of voodoo and giving us bad juju. Zach replied "well when you have Death as a coach..."

We stopped at the food court at the mall to get food before we went to the meet. I was wearing my Interpunk.com shirt that I got from Warped Tour, and as I'm getting some gelato from the new place(called, coincidentally, Gelato Primo), the guy looks at me a little funny and says "Hey, did you get that shirt at Warped Tour?" I was a little shocked, but said "Yeah, did you go?" Turns out he went to the one in KC. So we talked for some 10ish minutes about it until I had to go(and a slew of customers came up, darn them).

There were some fellow AQTers, though I didn't know it at the time, that I gave ten cents to at DQ so they'd have exactly $2.99 to pay for their food. Later one of them walked up to me, showed me four different pictures of some guy in a picture booth and asked me if I'd like to adopt a Thomas. I said sure why not, so he goes "Okay, so would you like gangsta Thomas, stripper Thomas, (something I forgot) Thomas, or emo Thomas?" "Emo Thomas, 'cause emo kids are funny..." Result being, that I have a picture of some totally random dude in a photo booth pouting. Interesting.

The downside to the night being that Joey texted me somewhere during the second match with "Hey". I didn't recognize the number, and the text conversation went something like this:

"Uh, who is this? Sorry..."
"How are you" (from him, before I even got done replying...that's a pet peeve of mine...anyways)
"Oh, okay, I'm at an AQT meet right now"
"Oh, sorry to bother you"
"That's okay but I can't really talk any more"
And he continues to text anyways...something about going on a date Saturday night. I told him I just started dating someone. I might do something with Jessica later. Maybe.


Blogger Randy said...

I wonder if that hacky sack is still up there.

8:58 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

You know, I wondered that very same thing when we went in those doors :P Maybe we should find out next year...

4:51 AM

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