Thursday, May 18, 2006

Your Linguistic Profile::
60% General American English
20% Yankee
10% Dixie
5% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern

Niiice...considering I definitely didn't grow up in either Yankee or Dixie territory.

Also that only adds up to 95%. Hum.


I'm calling in and giving my two week's notice at Philly's tonight. I meant to do it yesterday but I forgot...I worked 5:30 to 7:30 on Tuesday and he left at 6:30...didn't come back 'til after close apparently (says Jess). Monday night, we were both working and this lady came through the drive-through. I've seen her before and she's been a bitch every single time. Well, this time, she pulls through, - for future reference, I was on register and Jess was at drive-through - parks, and comes in. Before I can ask her what the matter is, she completely up-ends her bag all over our counter and started complaining that two of the sandwiches were smushed. It's like, hello lady, it's a friggin drive-through, if you don't want your food to be smushed don't have it put in a bag. Dumbass. Anyways, she went on to say that her chicken tenders were not cooked properly because her two and three year olds couldn't possibly eat them. They weren't burned at all as far as I could tell, but I told her I'd get some new ones anyways. I go back and got them for her, and when they finally came up, I gave them to her. Her response? "Now my fries are cold and I am NOT eating cold fries!!!" "Okay ma'am, I'll get you some more."

She complained to the manager about us anyways. I got told by Orlando that I really needed to learn to shut the f**k up. (yes, those were his exact words) Repeatedly. But he said not thirty seconds earlier that she wasn't going to be happy no matter what we did. Anyways, right after Jessica leaves(she was working 5:30 to 7:30), I was looking at the schedule and preparing to ask why I was scheduled for one hour the following day(typo), he goes "So are you ****ing taking money from the register or what?"
"Uh...excuse me?"
"You heard me, are you taking money from the register or what? We came up short again yesterday. So either you are really ****ing things up, or you're taking money."

I had a drive-through order and had to walk away at that point...but then at the end of the night he comes up to me again and says "So we're $92.17 short today. You and Jessica need to stop ****ing things up or I'm going to take it out of your paychecks."

Well. I go back the next day, and it turns out that the reason we were short was because apparently ERIC(as in, someone not Jessica or I) had an issue and three or four cars drove off without buying their food. He didn't properly void the receipts. But, the rich part is that Jessica didn't find this out through Orlando. He didn't say a freaking word to her about it or apologize or anything, she found out because Angela told her.

Not ten minutes after she tells me this, Orlando walks in and demands to know what we're doing. I respond with "She's cleaning off the tables and I'm refilling the napkin containers." he said something else, and then goes "Oh yeah, and I had a friend of a friend call in last night and tell me that he went through drive-through and YOU *points at me* were really rude to him. This would be a few days ago." "Really? Did he say how I was rude or anything? 'Cause I'm never rude to people unless they have me on the verge of tears or something..." "No, but it doesn't matter because you need to change your ****ing attitude and learn to shut the **** up. And you should know that I'll hear about it if you are rude to people because I have friends all over the place..." etc. etc. goes on to sound like he's in the CIA or something. Anyways. Yeah. Quitting.

I don't know where I'm going to get a job at next, I've applied at Sonic, and I'm going to fill out an application for Dippin Dots in the mall. Whoo. Might check back on Mr. Bulky's or something.

Today was the last day of school - yay. I skinned my knees all to hell on the rock wall. But it's good that we're out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's funny, I'd think it you'd be 100% spoiled brat! Ohhh....

12:08 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

LOL nice job Dave...

12:15 PM


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