Friday, March 16, 2007

rainbow bag - FINISHED
purple flower crocheted and on the cloche - done

I'm so proud. And I am almost, ALMOST, done with the front half of my sweater. pictures tomorrow.

I stopped by the DAV today and got some awesome stuff...this blue and black leopard print top that actually fits me (yeah, no resewing, amazing right?), a black and red snakeskin skirt that I'm going to add ruching in the sides and put on etsy (or maybe keep for myself, but probably put on etsy), a hot pink plain shirt (I think I'm going to redo and put on etsy, also cut off the sleeves and use them to make armwarmers with next item), and these hot pink and yellow leopard print pants. Part of which will be a skirt and part of which will be the aforementioned armwarmers. and then I'm sure part will be left over, but I don't know what to use it for. aaaand I have a b/w gingham skirt from my last trip there that I finally got some reconning inspiration on. woo-hoo.

something like 3/8s of a set of funky purple legwarmers done crocheting too. need to finish that, my sweater, and my hot pink corset thingie. preferably before the end of this weekend.

project graduation is stupid and the lady who runs it is such an insufferable snob. I'm supposed to show up to volunteer for this thing tomorrow, and I'm supposed to be at work at five. Screw that, I'm not volunteering and wasting my free time before work. It's not like I didn't already volunteer at the fireworks place and sell fireworks. And I'm bringing food and $20, I'm just turning around and leaving after that.

need to sign up for the next round of wardrobe refashion...

I've been feeling ucky all day. My blood sugar keeps doing funky things (I almost passed out at the mall), and I haven't been sleeping well all week which doesn't really help. And no matter how much I eat I'm STILL HUNGRY!

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Anonymous leo said...

This project graduation thing sucks. Mrs. what's-her-name called and asked my mom to make a cake and my mom has been bitching about it ever since. I was the one who ended up doing the cooking!

11:22 AM


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