Thursday, March 15, 2007

la di da. I need to finish my two shirts(or, more correctly, a shirt and a sweater) so I can do more pictures with Alicia. (The ones we did yesterday turned out pretty freakin' awesome, by the way. can't wait to get them on CD so I can get some prints) My ideas with the two handspun yarns didn't really work out. Still clueless as to what to do with them. I did come up with a neat idea involving hot pink nylon thread. You'll see...

my etsy sales have been nonexistent, except for the one hat. I need to get the purse and cloche I have here up (which I haven't mostly because it involves stitching up the purse, and crocheting a flower for the cloche). Maybe mark down some of the more wintery stuff? spring stuff is hard...there's not a lot you can do that's one-size-fits all. I have a few thrifty things to remake. blah blah blah...*makes a list*

oh yeah, and people are way stupid. but you guys already knew that, right?

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