Thursday, March 29, 2007

so with my last paycheck + tax refund, I got:

-makeup brush set
-Urban Decay potion primer (this stuff that you put on before you put your eyeshadow on, and it keeps it on ALL FREAKING DAY, it's AMAZING :D *makes me happy*)
-uumm...I'm thinking four Kryolan eyeshadow colors (neon pink, neon blue, neon green, and ORANGE), plus four different kinds of grommet tape (two yards each of black cotton, red cotton, and turquoise cotton, and then one yard of black lace, going to see which of the blacks looks best with my dress design for prom)
-Sex Objects by the Briefs
-LP III by the Soviettes
-M.I.A. by the Germs
-Slapstick s/t cd
-Los Angeles by X (all the cds were through Interpunk, shipped yesterday and I can't wait to get them all!)
-the s/t Avengers CD through Penelope Houston's site
-ten balls of yarn
-Neverwhere, Mirrormask, Good Omens, and the eighth Young Wizards book

I think I might be addicted to online shopping. maybe. haha. but I'm so looking forward to getting all of far all I've got is the brush set and the Urban stuff. But the Slapstick CD was backordered, which is why it didn't ship until yesterday, and I just ordered six of the ten balls of yarn, the Avengers CD, and all the books/Mirrormask DVD. The makeup should definitely be here by tomorrow (I'm excited woo hoo!). I can't wait to get the CDs either...I got a pretty good mix of older and newer stuff, I think. In between that and the books I should be entertained for a while.

The sweater held up well at work on Sunday. I re-blocked it because it got a little saggy at the end of the day, and did an extra row around the neckline to make it a little tighter...I need to write up a pattern as best I can from the notes to post on craftster. I've had kind of a crappy week, but at least it's looking up...the blood drive on Monday sucked! (but I got a t-shirt...still all bruised however) Tuesday and yesterday both sucked hardcore. My windshield wipers broke on the way to school (while it happened to be pouring down rain), so I got soaked trying to fix them, and then had to drive like 40 miles an hour to get to school so that I didn't hit anything or go off the road. There's some work-related stuff too...I don't think it's as bad as I thought it was going to be at least. Hopefully. Either way, Amy purposefully scheduled me off next week on that I don't have to deal with the extreme douchebag of a regional manager we have.

haha. I actually just said the phrase 'I gotta finish this blog post and then I can go' to my dad. I <3 my geekiness.

Oh man, I still need to order than YAAAAAAARN shirt! >_< *writes note, maybe I can do it next paycheck if I don't have enough money now*

I saw Casey and Kassie! that was neat.

Alex is gonna be here tomorrow! WOOOO! and Mrs. Culp is bringing her ferret to class! fun to be had for all! :D killer weekend planned. or not planned, but it'll be killer anyways.

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