Saturday, May 26, 2007

POTC 3 was AWESOME! Even if me and Lydia were the only ones that dressed up because Jesse, James, and Jerome wussed out on us. Jerks. haha, but we had a lot of fun and then we went to go eat CiCi's.

I went to was uneventful...rawr rawr rawr...and then after work I was headed out to go hang out with Jesse and company again. The original plan was that we were going to all meet at Jesse's house and just hang out, videogames and stuff, and everyone spend the night. Jesse's mom said though that if I spent the night, everyone had to stay up all night (which I don't really understand, personally, but hey whatever), so the modified plan was for me to stay until one or so and then just head home. Well, I call them, and they're at a graveyard somewhere, want me to meet them there. So I head that way (it was out in the middle of NOWHERE - Peachtree something off Schifferdecker road), and I get there, and they had got Jerome's truck stuck. I guess there was a road in the cemetery and it lead to a break in the fence, which looked like it went back to the main road - nope! just a ditch. They try various things to get Jerome's truck out, and all the meanwhile we're having cars driving past - most of them slow down like they're going to help and then just speed back up. A cop shows up, or more accurately someone from the CJ Fire Department, and of course, right after that we have 3 people stop and ask if we need help. hah. So the dude proceeds to tell us how they were trespassing on private property, and they're going to get charged with property damage, and he has to call in state and county officials, blah blah blah. The county guy shows up, and all they(county + CJFD dude) do is just sit there and basically tell us that they can't do anything until state gets there. The state guy gets there, looks at the whole thing, listens to Jesse's story, starts laughing, says "Ok, let's get this out of here, I don't want to be here all night." Zach shows up in his truck, gets stuck trying to get Jerome unstuck, and then they finally call a tow dude, and then Jerome's dad (ouch, his parents are a wee bit crazy), and they both show up around the same time. Takes the tow dude like 10 minutes to get Jerome's truck out, and then they're all waiting on Zach's dad, and at this point I decide to just head home (at very close to midnight) because Jerome's parents hate me anyways.

arrgh. Longer story of the "I hate people" comment yesterday:

I said I'd hang out with Jessica and some of her friends, because it'd probably be the last time I'd see Jake for a long long time, if ever. So we're at her house and people start showing up, and I swear to god, every single person said something rude to me. First it was that I looked like a watermelon (pink and green shoes, green and pink shirt, and jeans), then it was that when I'm not wearing too much color, I'm wearing all black ("No I don't, I never wear all black, I don't even own a pair of black shoes" "yes you do!") and I look like a goth emo kid. Then it was vegetarian jokes, then it was jokes about my birthday party, and just on and on and on. Like, I can handle a few jokes, but when it's six people laughing at my expense at once, and nobody's making snide jokes about anyone else...yeah. The icing on the cake was when I went to leave and I gave Joe a hug, Jake goes "What? You're leaving?" "Uh, yeah, I just SAID that." "Well, sorry, I don't pay attention to anything the veggie says unless Jessica gets my attention first!" uh huh...

and the same person is complaining about how her boyfriend is messed up because he doesn't want to spend every day with her. They've been dating two months!! ok, I'd be annoyed if I went over to my boyfriend's house and he played World of Warcraft for five hours straight, but for crying out loud, he's working a crappy factory job for like, eight hours a day, so if he doesn't want to party or whatever, then you know? She's suffocating him.

I feel kind of bad because I had made up my mind that I was going to be all angry next time she called, but it's really hard to be angry at someone who's crying over their boyfriend. Bah!

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