Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So with some of my graduation money (mostly, the refund from the camera), I kind of went on a book buying spree. Sort of. Maybe.

The Starving Artist's Way, Fruits and Fresh Fruits (the mentioned way before Japanese street fashion books - they JUST got here and I literally squealed a little bit), Crochet Couture, a book about Egyptian Mythology, a book by Diane Sylvan, and Sniffin Glue (a book on punk that also has the collected reprinted zine issues by the same name).

My goal now is to spend as little money as possible until I move, since I'm quitting Shake's (hopefully today), and might not get another job - I think I might just try focusing on my etsy store and flea-marketing/garage-saling for random stuff to resale on eBay. See how that goes.

Anyways I'm almost late for a Pac Sun interview so yeah

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