Wednesday, May 02, 2007

We went to the Humane Society to file a lost dog form for Callie with them. It was sad...there were all these kittens and cats (I looked around the cat room while I was waiting on mom) and the SECOND I walked into the room they all started mewing for attention. I would just stick a few fingers in the cage and they'd go crazy. There was a beautiful calico kitten, and a full-grown Siamese (that was a stray, go figure), and this big ol tiger-looking stray too. All of them just wanted someone to love on them. I wanted to take them all home. It depresses me to know that really all I can do is go back and get one, just ONE when I move out. :( And that by then, a lot of those beautiful animals, dogs too, are going to be dead because nobody cares. And all they want is affection.

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