Thursday, May 03, 2007

ok. so this makes me a massive, massive dork and I don't even care. that chick I bought the kryolan makeup off of, on eBay - aka this lady - we got to talking while I was asking her about the stuff getting here in the freakish shipping delay, and mentioned I was making my prom dress. she said she thought that was cool and to send her pics (which will be posted at the end of this post) when I was done. I did that yesterday and she emailed back saying "You made that?!??!! AHHHHH!! I'm so impressed, AND you are really cute!! Good job, little lady!! I wish I had skills like that in high school. Hope you had fun at prom! My prom date was a redhead too, heehee"

it made my day. I'm not big on...I dunno...when people say they have idols...role models are ok, 'idols' weird me out. But yeah, she's definitely on my role model list - independent company and all. And super nice to boot. I'M NOT A CREEPY STALKER I SWEAR.

I just about peed my pants the other day when I went in to say hi to Amy while I was at the mall. I heard the first few chords of a song that sounded veeeery familiar and I look at the tv - it's 'Multiply and Divide' off the Soviettes LP III, that I've been listening to like crazy. I was like "I LOVE THIS SONG! WE HAVE THE SOVIETTES ON OUR DVD!!! so cool!!"

Although we have Hilary Duff and Avril on this cd too. So I guess you can't have some awesomeness without some my-ears-are-bleeding-ness.

I'm almost done editing the pictures for the massive eBay-a-thon. Unfortunately, I have massive nausea and I'm working on a headache. so I don't know if I'll actually get done with the massive-list-a-thon (I like that phrase better).

So I picked up one of Ashley's bunny rabbits to play with older one that was apparently NOT socialized...and it scratched the ever-loving shit out of me. I look like an emo kid. scratches on the inside of one wrist, scratches all down the inside of the other arm and the outside of that even got my tattoo! (which is already suffering from two bug bites, dammit). just a little skritch on my tattoo though, nothing big.

BUST sent a reader-call-out-email thing about a fashion spread they're doing, asking people to send in pictures of their clothes. I'm totally going to do that. I need to make a few shirts first though...

my job search is going ok. I've applied at Pac Sun, Lowe's, Shake's(technically haven't yet, will be turning in the app tomorrow), and someplace else I think I'm forgetting (probably not a good sign). Oh yeah, Target. Their interview took for-freakin-ever and they sent me a postcard(wtf?!) to tell me I didn't get the job. I have an interview at Jo-Ann's on Monday. It's hard, because I'll only be able to work 20-25 hours a week for the, y'know, two weeks until I get out of school...but after that, I want to be working 40 hours a week. I wish I could get some kind of 9-5 job. Maybe telemarketing. Or maybe I can weasel a bit and see if Heath's grandparents need any more help, haha.

oh yeah, pictures: (this is not the full run, because I'm lazy, and don't have all of them on photobucket also)

walking in:

picture of the back at home:

I was sooo proud and got a lot of compliments on it throughout the night.

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