Thursday, May 24, 2007

ARGH, I am so sick of people around here. I can't wait to move.

Annoyance/anger aside, POTC 3 is tomorrow - and I am EXCITED YAY. Outfit all ready to go and everything - just need to grab some stuff to change into, since I didn't want to wear high-heeled boots all night at work. I was just going to change into some black converse, but I figured that would probably just make me look like some kind of freaky hippy. hence, the full change of clothes.

I think as far as the job stuff goes, as much as I hate Shake's, I'm going to stay there and only work a few days a week. hopefully not with the crazy bitch girl. and try and focus on my etsy store too. Anddd, starting at the very end of May, I am going to try VERY hard to not spend money on ANYTHING that isn't essential. (so basically, all I'll spend money on is gas haha) For the entire month of June (and probably until I move). I dunno how well I'll rise to the challenge, but I'm going to try dangit!

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