Sunday, May 13, 2007

sooo...last week (as in, the week that ended a week ago) was a very very bad week, for various reasons, including Heath totally blowing me off when we were supposed to hang out. for no apparent reason, that was over a week ago and I still haven't heard from him. Reeeally pissed me off. Of course, the fact that I was pissed off probably had something to do with the fact that the day before (we were supposed to go out on Friday), this chick from work wouldn't stop texting me during school, trying to get me to cover for her. I was like, "I have plans, did you ask everyone else?" "Yes and nobody can do it, I'm out of town and I won't be back in town until after I'm supposed to be at work."

Uhuh. We only work two freakin' days a week, you dipshit, how hard is it to ACTUALLY WORK ON THOSE DAYS? It's not like we don't know our schedule three weeks ahead of time!

So I call Heath and we rescheduled for Saturday instead of Friday. And she comes in Saturday while I'm at work, and doesn't even say thank-you to me ("Oh, hi Taunie!" "Hi." *she walks to the other end of the room and stands by Amy, completely ignoring me*). Then she quit, and said something to Amy that really pissed her off, which I didn't find out until yesterday. Apparently she was trying to tell Amy that Jake(another coworker) and I were lying about how she tried to get us to cover for her? or something? and Amy told her that she knew that wasn't true, so Taunie tried to pull "Oh, well I do SO MUCH around here". "Yeah, you are a good worker, and that means you get good hours, but it doesn't mean that you get to do whatever you want." And then she quit. Good freakin' riddance, she always talked down to me anyways.

Speaking of which, today I started at Shake's (yay for a second job...blech) and while it was FREAKING CRAZY BUSY, it wasn't too hard. There was this one girl who treated me like I have less braincells than a brick or something, and it was REALLY starting to piss me off, but by the time I was about to blow up on her, I only had 30 minutes or so left. Then the manager asked me to go to Wal-Mart to get some more bananas (seven bunches, I got some funny looks haha) and said when I got back from that I could go ahead and clock out. I had taken my Shake's shirt off in the car because I was wearing two tank tops under it and it is just too hot outside for that. I get back, put up the bananas, and I start making the concrete I paid for earlier, for my mom, and the aforementioned chick walks over to me and goes "Uh, you need to put your apron and hat back on. You're going to get in TROUBLE." "Actually, she said after I brought the bananas in, I could clock out, I'm just making this concrete for my mom that I paid for earlier." Which shut her up really fast. Ugh. I hope I don't have to work with her too often.

only two months, only two months, only two months...


and in their handbook, it says natural colored makeup only. although I dunno how strictly they enforce it, since I was wearing bright shimmery orange eyeshadow today and nobody said anything, but still, that could suck hardcore...I don't even know how many natural colors of makeup I OWN, hahaha.

speaking of 'only'...


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