Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I remembered the two other things I was going to comment upon and forgot about.

One was that, after we had to do the something nice assignment, we were told to list 25 things we were looking forward to about leaving Diamond/HS/home/etc. I glanced at Selly's paper(we were looking at each others', not like I was desperately peering over her shoulder or anything), and #1 on her list was "Not having to deal with racial slurs or comments any more". That's just...yuck. Selly's Hmong, and moved here from a big school in Milwaukee. I feel awful for her, because she's really one of the coolest people I know - funny, smart, super-art-talented, and one of the few non-sheep around here. Every time I hear "Ugh, go back to China" whispered I want to slap someone.

I'm reading 'The Bromeliad' by Terry Pratchett. I kept hearing great things about him and surprise surprise, we got two new books this year. Entertaining. Very obvious metaphors, but entertaining nonetheless.

Blake is a very talented photographer. I was checking out some of the other entries to the Quill, and he's entering a really nifty picture of what's apparently a close up on a water fountain - looks almost like hail or something. There were a few other really good entries too.

Tired, AQT in the morning, going to bed.


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