Wednesday, February 15, 2006

American Idol is annoying. I don't get the big fuss over it. And they're unecessarily mean to the contestants. I know I'm just a bleeding heart or whatever, but sheeeeesh.

Ugh. More Abu Ghraib photos. Yippee. Whether they're(being these new ones) real or not, the whole thing still absolutely disgusts me. The soldiers who did it are in trouble, my ass. They knew about it all the way up. And I'm also sick of hearing about how the "liberal" media('cause there's oh-so-much of that) blew it out of proportion and how they're whining over nothing. 75% of the people at Abu Ghraib were proven to be innocent. Regardless of this, they were still told to fish their food out of toilets, got broomsticks shoved up their butt, I'm remembering beaten and also possible rape cases but I'm a little rusty on the whole thing - but naaaah, it was all humane. Nothing wrong there.

And while I'm ranting, W T F is up with the whole bathroom deal at school. I think I've discussed this before. I'm a fricking 17 year old, I should be allowed to go to the expletive bathroom. I can understand the idea of telling the teacher beforehand, but unless a person has a record of having extremely long(in excess of ten minutes) bathroom breaks or just walking out of class, there is absolutely NO reason for a student to NOT be allowed to go to the bathroom. How well d'you think we'll be able to work when we can concentrate on anything other than how bad we have to pee? Answer: Not very. And yet, it's somehow okay that a teacher walk out whenever *they* feel the urge to go. It really pisses me off that I have to ask permission to do one of the most basic of human functions(this is up there with not being able to eat and drink in class, which also makes me irritable), and then get denied just because some idiot is on a power trip. And then not be able to do my homework ANYWAYS.

On a happier note, I'm all caught up on my trig homework.

On an unhappier note, I probably won't get to do the overnight college stay.

On a happier note, WE HAVE A FOUR DAY WEEKEND. Freaking YES.

Also on a happier note, the Bridge is having a show on Sunday, and one of the bands I've been meaning to see is playing. Unhappy note, I don't have $7 to get in. Boo. *note to self: come up with that*

Eeek. Also on an unhappy note, I need to come up with a few books. For the LA-IV research paper. That I also don't have the money for.

Grrrr I need a job.

I dislike people with victim/martyr complexes. I hate it when every conflict over everything becomes an issue of "oh, you just don't like me because I'm blank." Whether it's conservative or Christian or liberal or anything else, it gets really old about the third time you hear it. If you have a valid reason to complain, great. Complain. Change things. If you don't have a valid reason to complain, and/or you're just nitpicking really small things, please, stop complaining and save the rest of our ears. Pretty please?

Alicia's ramble got me reminded of something I was thinking about. People are really weird. I was thinking about death the other day(it was relevant, not just out of morbid curiousity), and I don't understand why people get so upset about death. It's irrational. They say they're crying for the person, but really, they can't be. The person is gone. Wherever they're at, whatever you believe in, or don't, you can't change them being gone. And you can't argue that whatever made them them(whether it's a soul or electricity running around betwixt synapses), isn't gone, because if it was still there they'd be alive. I don't know if I'm making sense. I'm not saying I don't cry, I cried quite a bit when our dog died, but I don't really understand it either. I guess we cry because we miss them? Or what?

I want cable so I can watch the Fairly Oddparents. And the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Other cartoons too, but those two mostly. Jessica's got me addicted. Also to Jones soda.

LMAO. Shane made Mrs. Fidler mad today. We were all telling Chuck Norris jokes and she got all mad and gave us an extra assignment. So I did the extra assignment perfectly and I'm going to attach a list of Chuck Norris facts to it. Woohoo.

One day 'til the exceptionally long weekend...


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This points out the relationship between sadness and change (IMHO)...

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