Thursday, February 09, 2006


The one really nifty cool thing that happened today:

I got a phonecall from Stephens College in Columbia, who I emailed about visit dates and overnight stays. My mom was at home at the time and told me about it, so I called them back. The nights they were talking about were April 8, which is prom and also AQT districts, so I couldn't go then even if I was eager to skip prom(which might come about, except that I have a nifty dress I got so I have to go), and April 15, which I can't do because that's the weekend of a family trip thing. I talked to the girl at the admissions office about this, and she said that there's a Friday-Saturday thing - March 3rd and 4th - where I would go, check in at one-ish, talk with interns and students and such, spend a night in the dorms, and then there's an all-day fashion show on Saturday, which coincidentally enough is my area of interest. Unfortunately however, this is the same weekend that my mom has reservations for Las Vegas with her mom, and so she will not be able to take me. My aunt might be able to, or maybe my grandma, though. I hope so, 'cause it'd be the epitome of niftiness.

The irritating things:

I have felt like CRAP off and on all day today. Just really tired/icky/coughy/sore-throaty/pounding headachey. Bleargh blah blah.

I dun like school. It's all repetitive and headache-inducing(or whatever the technical term is for making a headache worse, which was the case today).

Not really irritating, but apparently Mr. Keeley died. He's the owner of a local skating rink. Jessica called and told me this. I wasn't horribly upset, the guy had never been nice to me or my family(actually, he went out of his way to be an ass to most of us), so yeah. *shrugs*

I got a call from guess-who last night. Same old, same old. Life sucks and blah blah blah blah. I just have to wonder WHY he calls me. I mean, all he does is complain and moan about how sometimes he wishes he wasn't alive and such, and we are obviously not close, and he has real friends that he actually sees in person on a periodic basis(like say, every day? and if you haven't figured it out thus far, it'd be Spencer I speak of) to complain to. So why me? Is it because on the phone people are more of a captive audience? Anyways, the really irritating thing; at the beginning of the conversation he asked if I was going to prom(at Diamond, not at his school). I said yes. He asked if I had a date, and I said no, and then changed the subject because I didn't like where that one was going. Later, I told him I was getting off the phone because I wanted to watch Bones. He abruptly goes "So you're going to prom, right?"

"And you're not going with anyone?"
"Not right now, no...."
"Do you want me to go with you?"
(and this is where it starts to bother me. Because up until here, it was a decent thing to offer, but to keep pushing and pushing and trying to guilt me into taking HIM to MY prom is just...asinine)
"Why not?"
"Because I don't want to go with anyone right now."
"Yeah, or you just hate your ex-boyfriend..."
"*sigh* No, because Jessica wants me to go with some of her friends and I haven't asked any of them. I just don't want to right now. I might change my mind later, but I don't want a date now."
"Why not?"
"Because I think I'll have just as much fun without a date and I don't feel like dealing with it?"
"So why're you even going?"
"Umm...because I have a dress and it should be fun?"
"Why'd you buy a dress then?"
"It was on sale for $30 and it's probably a $300 dress."
"Oh. Okay. Well, are you sure?"
"Okay, I just thought I'd offer, I didn't want you to feel bad or anything."

GRRRRRR. Like I said, how asinine/pathetic can you get? Trying so hard to get someone(your ex-girlfriend nonetheless) to try to take you to a prom that's not even at your friggin' school? And pushing it? After I plainly stated, no I do not want to go with you? Also, the guilt trip thing? Yeah, that's not an asshole thing to do or anything. It's always cool to manipulate people with those.

I finished the long boring fantasy book with stupid and overly obvious metaphors(in the bad way) today. Yay, now I can read something decent.

More blogthings(they're addictive):

You Are the Swedish Chef

"Bork! Bork! Bork!"
Your happy and energetic - with borderline manic tendencies.
No one really gets you. And frankly, you don't even get you.
But, you sure can whip up a great chocolate mousse

What Your Underwear Says About You

You tend to buy new underwear instead of doing laundry.

You're comfortable in your own skin - and don't care to impress anyone.

Your Inner Blood Type is Type A

You seem cool and collected, though a bit shy.
You are highly driven and a perfectionist, but that's a side you keep to yourself.
Creative and artistic, you are a very unique person who doesn't quite fit in.
People accept you more than you realize, seeing you as trustworthy and loyal.

You are most compatible with: A and AB

Famous Type A's: Britney Spears and Hilter

Oh. That's yummy. I'm with Britney Spears and Hitler. It sounded relatively good up 'til then.

You Are 32% Abnormal

You are at medium risk for being a psychopath. It is somewhat likely that you have no soul.

You are at medium risk for having a borderline personality. It is somewhat likely that you are a chaotic mess.

You are at low risk for having a narcissistic personality. It is unlikely that you are in love with your own reflection.

You are at low risk for having a social phobia. It is unlikely that you feel most comfortable in your mom's basement.

You are at low risk for obsessive compulsive disorder. It is unlikely that you are addicted to hand sanitizer.

Now bed. Might not go to school tomorrow.


Blogger fatwonkkid said...

Sweedish Chef is awesome. Firefox has a plugin that translates english into sweedish chef speak. I copied a snippet of your muppet personality test, and translated it (read it aloud, it is funnier):

Yuoor heppy und eeergetic - veet borderleene-a muneec tendenceees.
Nu oone-a reelly gets yuoo. Und frunkly, yuoo dun't ifee get yuoo.
Boot, yuoo soore-a cun vheep up a greet chuculete-a muoosse-a

9:38 AM

Blogger Michelle said...

LOL. That's great. Thanks :P

6:50 PM


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